The Sophomore To-Do List

  • DOCUMENT - Start keeping track of your activities and accomplishments - use a spreadsheet on Google Drive or another type of document that you will continually have access to throughout high school. You can later use this list to create a resume or fill out applications, and you won’t forget anything!
  • CONNECT - We encourage you build a relationship with your teachers so later on you can ask them to write letters of recommendation for colleges or serve as a reference for job applications.


  • SHADOW - Look for opportunities to work or volunteer with people who are professionals in careers that interest you.
  • VISIT - Schedule college visits. Research the schools ahead of time and don’t be afraid to ask questions on the tour! Find out what programs they offer and what life on campus will be like. Identify characteristics that you like in a school and try to avoid wanting to go to a school just based on name. Remember you will be looking for the school that is the best fit for YOU.
  • TEST PREP - Start doing test prep for the SAT/ACT.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA - Clean up your social media accounts. Colleges and jobs use social media to get an idea of what kind of people their applicants are. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want a pastor or grandparent to see!
  • HOMEWORK - Do your homework and make time to review and study every day. Your grades this year matter! Your freshman and sophomore year grades go into the GPA that you will use to apply to colleges. Even if you are not happy with your current GPA, you can work to improve it!
  • APPOINTMENT - Work with your school counselor to ensure you are fulfilling graduation requirements and planning for an appropriately rigorous schedule over the next two years.

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