We realize the opportunity to attend Grace may require financial sacrifice in some cases. In an effort to assist families needing additional assistance with tuition, Grace has partnered with FACTS to offer up to $1000 of tuition assistance to qualifying families. Recipients of tuition assistance will be able to deduct their tuition assistance award from their total tuition cost.

Grace will begin accepting tuition assistance applications on March 1st.  Award recipients will be notified of their award by the end of July. To apply for tuition assistance, click on the link below and set up an account. There will be a $40 nonrefundable application fee charged when you submit your application regardless of whether an award is received.
For more information or questions regarding this program, email Lisa Eckler at leckler@grace-school.net


NOTE:  If you have a child in another private school where you pay tuition, you will need to add that school during the application process.  To add the school, click the "Add School" button in that child's information block.  Search by zip code to locate the school.  If you do not see their school, put 99999 as the zip code to search.  This will add a "Do Not Report" school.  By selecting the "Do Not Report" school, you will be able to add that child's tuition cost and associated information to be included in the application process.

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