Grace Christian School

Groundbreaking 2022

On January 15, the school broke ground on a $6 million dollar, 18,000-square-foot expansion project that will add 11 classrooms including 2 state-of-the-art science classrooms, an art studio and a STEM lab, along with an office wing, a cafeteria, new athletic locker rooms and an athletic weight room.

As school enrollment has grown and continues to grow annually, Grace has also outgrown the available space at Grace Christian Church. Currently the school uses all church classrooms, the chapel for lunch, the vestibule for classes and two modular classrooms. 

Norman Construction will oversee the project, which begins February 7 and is slated to last 15-18 months. The construction portion of the project will be supported by both Grace Christian School and Grace Christian Church. The school also is embarking on a $600,000 capital campaign to outfit the building with the classroom, office, technology and athletic resources it needs in the new space, as well as upgrades in some of the existing spaces.