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Projected Costs

As our athletic department continues to grow and develop, we realize the importance of offering a space where our student athletes can be provided with proper instruction in the area of strength and conditioning. This space, outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, will allow our student athletes to prepare for competitions and will assist in the prevention of injury.

Funding to Include:

  • VTX Leather Wall Ball Set with Rack
  • VTX club Kettle Bell Package
  • Body Solid BSTB Power Band Set
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Muscle Mat – 4’ x 6’ (set of 4)
  • VTX 3 – 100lb Rubber Coated Dumbbells with Rack
  • Body Solid SFB125 Flat Bench
  • Body Solid SFID425 Commercial FID Bench
  • Troy Soft Ploy Box Set
  • SnapClips Barbell Collars
  • York 4” Padded Weight Lifting Belt
  • 7’ Olympic Style Weight Set
  • Body Solid SWT1000 Pro Clubline Weight Tree
  • Body Solid OWt24 Powerline Olympic Weight Tree
  • Rogue RM-6 Monster Rack 2.0
  • Body Solid T150 Light Commercial Treadmill
  • Steelflex PST10 Stepper
  • Steelflex PR10 Commercial Recumbent Bike
  • Mirrors
  • Kings themed décor

Expanding our physical footprint is going to require us to expand our technology footprint. Often unseen, these improvements will ensure that our connectivity, security and communication system will support our school and growing student body into the future. This will include access control, security cameras, wireless access, network infrastructure and telephony system.

Funding to Include:

  • Access Control – Door Security System: to include access control panel, card reader, video intercom system and access computer system.
  • IP Cameras: interior and exterior cameras to include video monitor and recording system.
  • Network Infrastructure: ports, transceiver, mounts and access points.
  • Telephony Systems: office phones, conference phone, and classroom intercom system.
  • Cabling: to include data cabling drops for door access, wall/desk phones, teacher cable access in classrooms, IP camera access and wireless access.
  • Audio Intrusion System

With our expansion, we will need to outfit both our new space and the existing space. We would like to create a space that is inviting to our GCS families as well as visitors to our school. Each classroom will be designed in a manner that will allow for an interactive learning environment. Dedicated office space for our staff will ensure that we can meet with current and prospective families. Lastly, we will have a dedicated counseling room for one-on-one and group guidance. Items to be included in this outfitting include student and teacher workspaces, office furniture, display cases and so much more.

Classroom Funding to include

  • Student Desks (to include single desk set-up, 2-person collaborative desks, 4-person lab desks and blow-mold collapsible desks)
  • Student chairs (340) Teacher Desk (16)
  • Projector (9)
  • Whiteboard (21)
  • Chalkboard (1)
  • Counselor Room: to include couch, chairs, rug, lamp, side tables, counselor desk and file cabinet, bookcase and teacher task chair
  • Additional lockers (to provide a total of 400 student locker space)
  • Collegiate décor throughout the new and old space (fresh paint, artwork and King décor)
  • Updated cafeteria seating (will update current cafeteria tables)

Office Funding to include

  • L Shaped Desks, staff space (6)
  • Office Desk, staff space (1)
  • Shared Office Desk (1)
  • Conference Room Table with power insert
  • Task Chairs (17)
  • Desk Drawer Files (11)
  • Bookcase (5)
  • Lateral File Cabinet (1)
  • Fire Proof Safe (1)
  • Guest Chairs (7)
  • Benches (4)
  • Side Table (2)
  • Mail Sorter
  • Work Height Station, Workroom
  • Waddell Display Case (4)
  • Office wall décor
  • Outdoor and interior signage

Our building expansion will provide us with two science labs and an art room. These rooms will be designed to encourage collaborative learning and will allow for in-depth exploration of both the sciences and visual arts. Features will include a dedicated space to store and clean supplies, a Skutt Kiln and demonstration tables.

Funding to include

  • Student Tables (18)
  • Student Stools (72)
  • Teacher Demo Table, Art Lab
  • Teacher Demo Table (2), Science Lab
  • Teacher Task Chairs (3)
  • Tote Storage Cabinet (2), Art Lab
  • Large Storage Cabinet (3), Science Lab
  • Drying Rack with Cart, Art Lab
  • Steel Shelving (4)
  • Whiteboards (3)
  • Projector (2)
  • Storage Cart (2), Science Lab
  • Kiln, Art Lab
  • Dishwasher, Science Lab