Grace Christian School

Testimonies from the KINGS' Family

Ginger Jamara, Vice Principal
Over the past 9 years, how have you seen God working and moving at GCS?

GCS has been an incredible opportunity to really experience servant leadership. I say that when I speak about the board. I say that when I speak about our teachers, our faculty, and the administration. To truly see servant leadership lived out, where every accomplishment of our school points back to God is an incredible blessing to me. I believe our students and our families see this as well.

Grayson Martin, 8th Grade
How would you describe the atmosphere and relationships with teachers and peers at GCS?

It’s like when you walk into a grocery store that you always love to go to. The people there, they know you. You don’t even have to ask because they know what you want. The people here are pretty friendly.

Jonathan Leppert, 12th Grade
How have you seen the holy spirit working and changing student worship and their faith at GCS?

As a worship leader, helping others experience God’s presence allows you to see people open up. You begin to see people changing spiritually, desiring to build their relationship with God, and putting their trust in Him more. A couple years ago, it was decided that our chapel days would be moved from Wednesdays to Mondays. This change created a different mindset throughout the school because it helped both the students and the staff members see that we need to put God first before everything else. I believe that this is a good example of how this school is grounded in Biblical principles.

Nicole Hastings, 10th Grade
As teammates, we're called to build one another up, to be loving encouragers. How have you seen God be that source of encouragement, on the court or on the field, in the lives of your teammates or even in your life as an athlete?

We have great Godly coaches and captains for all of our sports, which I really appreciate. Their Godly leadership sets a good tone and environment on the courts and fields. Our volleyball coach will often tell us to say a quick prayer before we do the serve just to calm our nerves and play to the best of our ability. Before a basketball game, the starting five will go on the court to be in a huddle and will say a quick prayer to be able to have strength on the court and play with confidence. As a school, we try to play to the Glory of God and not our own glory. I have really seen a Christ-like loving attitude in and through all of our teammates. If I mess up a play in basketball or miss a serve in volleyball or miss a goal in soccer, they always come up and never say anything nasty. They are always encouraging or say something sweet, like you will get it next time. That shows the ripple effect of good leadership on our team. I think God is doing great work here at Grace in the athletic program, and I can’t wait to see what He has in store for us in the future.

Madison Doise, Class of 2017
How different is GCS today from that first historic day of school in September of 2013?

A lot of things have changed since I was at GCS. When I started here, it was the first year the school was open and there were 35 students total in the school. That was 35 middle and high school students. In my math class, there were 4 students, and they became three of my best friends at this school. I would say the early years at GCS were the experimental years because the board and staff were just getting started to see what would work to grow the school. Coming back now after not being here for a while, it is really cool to see how much the school has blossomed and how much it has grown. It’s incredible and I’m super proud of it.

Candace Kirby
As a parent, how has having your children be a part of GCS impacted your family?

As a parent, I can tell you that without a doubt this school, Grace Christian, has been an absolute blessing to my daughters and to us as a family. One of the worries I had as a mom in watching my children grow was their education and the influences schools can make on our children. The girls started their education in the public school system, both girls going to Rural Point through their elementary years. Although, we can look back on our years at Rural Point and see the successes and positive people, I knew that furthering their education into the middle school and high school years would need to be done differently. That was something that I wrestled with for a while, not realizing I had any other options here in Hanover. I cannot adequately express how very excited I was to hear about Grace Christian School. Not only was this an affordable option, it was close to our home, and most importantly it was a Christian environment that my kids could be challenged academically and could also grow in their relationship with Christ. I was so thankful we had a solution to our concerns about our girl’s middle school and high school education.

I did not have the opportunity to attend a private, Christian school as I was growing up. I did have some great teachers, good coaches and made some friends, but when I look back, I often wonder how powerful it could have been to have teachers that would have prayed with me or pray for me. That is a huge benefit for my girls in being here. When I read notes and messages from the girls’ teachers and staff here at Grace, I am so humbled and grateful that we are where we are. What a blessing! I have to also recognize what a huge gift that Grace Christian Church gave when they opened their hearts and building to set this into motion. As a parent, I can’t thank you and your church, its members, and staff for being so supportive in providing such a wonderful educational opportunity to my greatest gifts in life, my girls.

To Grace School, teachers and coaches…. Thank you. Thank you for understanding the need in our community and the faith to make this all happen. As the years go by and kids come in and out of this place, I hope that you will always stay true to what started this all in the first place. As your attendance grows and the need to hire additional staff, teachers and coaches presents itself, keep striving to find that person that us as parents can feel certain will make an everlasting positive impression on our kids. I would imagine that you may feel discouraged from time to time, thinking your efforts may go unknown or unseen. But I can tell you first hand, your vision, commitment and influence matters. Thank you , every single person that made this happen. I am so grateful for you.

Kelly Caddell
You are blessed to see God's hand working for both the church and the school. What are some of the amazing things you have seen God do in this space?

When we built the addition the school uses back in 2006, we did not have the “busting at the seams” need for it that we do today. The church really built the educational wing to bless others. It was as if we slapped a giant bow on the end of the building and a note that said, “a gift to the community.” The years before GCS started using it, we would use it here and there, but it often sat empty during the week. If you come here now, there is not a room in the entire facility that is not used!