Uniform Philosophy (I Peter 3:3-4)

The GCS uniform policy is designed to minimize classroom distractions, reduce the emphasis on outward appearances, and create school spirit. The cooperation of the student and the parent is necessary in maintaining the standards of the uniform dress code.  Adherence to the uniform dress code is a family responsibility.  Dress code violations will be recorded.   Repeated violations will result in disciplinary action.

Uniform Dress and General Dress Requirements (1 Peter 3:3-4)

Each student is required to wear uniform clothing to school each day unless otherwise indicated. Approved uniform clothing can be purchased from any department store (Lands End, Target, Old Navy, etc.) and be free of any logo, graphic, or name brand other that the school logo. Additional shirts and other apparel will be available for purchase throughout the year. Students are allowed to wear the “spirit wear” t-shirts on Fridays with a school uniform pant or skirt. 

  • Polos-Students must wear a school uniform polo shirt. This means the polo is logo-free. Acceptable polo colors are white, navy, burgundy, and grey. Students may also wear their GCS polo during the week. GCS requires school polos to be worn on field trips.
  • Sweatshirts & Fleece Jackets – Only GCS sweatshirts or GCS team jackets will be permitted to be worn during the school day. A collar shirt must be worn underneath sweatshirts.
  • Spirit Wear- Students may purchase Grace Christian School long or short sleeve t-shirts. The spirit wear t-shirts may be worn only on Fridays with uniform pants or shorts. Following spring break, spirit wear may be worn daily to school with a uniform pant/short/skirt.
  • Pants & Shorts -
    • Boys – Boys may wear khaki style or corduroy pants and shorts with no more than four pockets (no cargo pants or shorts). Jeans are not permitted unless otherwise noted. Acceptable colors include shades of khaki, navy, and grey.
    • Girls – Girls may also wear khaki style or corduroy pants, Capri’s, or shorts with no more than four pockets (no cargo pants or shorts). Jeans are not permitted unless otherwise noted. Acceptable colors include shades of khaki, navy, burgundy, and grey. Skirts, skorts, shorts, and dresses are permitted but must be 5 inches from the middle the knee or longer. This will be objectively measured with an index card.  Tights and leggings in burgundy, navy, or grey, may be worn under skirts or dresses.
    • Ripped, torn, and tattered clothing is not permitted. All clothing must fit (not too baggy and not too tight).
  • Shoes & Socks – Students are to wear neat shoes such as dress shoes, athletic shoes or boat shoes to school each day. Shoes must be in conservative colors such as navy, brown, black, or other muted like colors (no solid neon color athletic shoes). Open toe, backless, heels, and flip-flops are not permitted. Socks are to be plain white, black, khaki, grey or navy.

Outside Clothing- Grace Christian School does not have a uniform policy regarding students’ outdoor clothing. Outdoor coats, scarves and hats will need to be removed and stored in a student’s locker.


Free Dress Days

The last Friday of each month students are welcome to participate in free dress. Free dress clothes may not be ripped, torn, or tattered. Clothing must meet general conservative dress requirements.

Physical Education Clothes

Each student participating in a Physical Education class will be required to wear a school issued gym uniform. Please make every effort to keep the uniform clean from odor and stains. Athletic footwear and socks are also required for physical education.

  • Students will not be permitted to participate in PE unless they are wearing a proper PE uniform. 
  • Only solid-colored white, gray, navy or black sweatpants are allowed.  No lettering or prints are allowed.
  • Socks and athletic shoes are required. Any student not dressing out will receive a zero for the day.

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