On Friday, April 23, Grace Christian School will host our annual KINGS Walk-a-thon. Your student will join fellow classmates and teachers in walking around our “track” as many times as they are able in one hour’s time to raise funds for our school. This year, the funds will be used for purchasing an additional school vehicle (maybe two!) and additional school computers (moving closer to 1:1 ratio!). Our goal is to raise $35,000 again this year! Yes, you read that correctly! Two years ago, with 157 students, we raised $22,000, so we are confident with 212 students, we can reach our goal! We are counting on your support to make our 2021 KINGS Walk-a-thon a huge success!  
YWAM-Richmond holds a special place in our hearts as the base is also the home of two of our beloved GCS students: Hyun and Yoon Lee. Their parents, Soomi & Daejong, are YWAM missionaries from South Korea. For the past eight years, the Lees have called this base and the community within, home. YWAM-Richmond is a global missions community where they inspire and equip people to Make Jesus Famous. Multiple times a year, YWAM Richmond welcomes young missionaries to the base for a six-month discipleship training program. We are pleased to share that 10% of our profits from the KINGS Walk-a-thon will be donated to YWAM Richmond. It is our honor to recognize the good works of YWAM.org, bring awareness to their worldwide organization, and support the work they do right here in the Metro area.  


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