On Friday, April 26, Grace Christian School will host our annual KINGS Walk-a-thon. Your student will join fellow classmates and teachers in walking around our “track” as many times as they are able in one hour’s time to raise funds for our school. This year, the funds will be used to purchase a NEW van, additional bleachers for the gym, and a new water bottle refill station! Our goal is to raise $20,000 this year! With your help, this should be an easy task as in 2018 with 103 students, we raised $18,000, so we are confident with 122 students we can reach our goal! We are counting on your support to make our 2019 KINGS Walk-a-thon a huge success!

This year, GCS is pleased to partner with Wings of Hope Ranch.  Wings of Hope Ranch is a Christian non-profit organization that rescues neglected horses and rehabilitates them to provide a horse ministry to children in need, free of charge. Wings of Hope Ranch was created to foster hope and an empowered future for children in our community. Through hands-on experience in a safe and peaceful environment, broken horses and children come together to help each other learn to love and trust again.  We are pleased to share that 10% of our profits from the KINGS Walk-a-thon will be donated to Wings of Hope Ranch.


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