The GCS boys soccer team is under the Christian leadership of Dwight Hedges . Regular season is from August- November. Off season practices and summer camps are provided and encouraged for team members. For more information regarding GCS soccer contact


Overall Conference Home Away Neutral


Date Team Time Result
18-Aug  New Covenant School 4:30 PM  
19-Aug at Timberlake Christian 12:00 PM  
22-Aug at Williamsburg Christian Academy 4:30 PM  
25-Aug at Banner Christian 3:30 PM  
29-Aug at Veritas School 4:30 PM  
31-Aug at King Abdullah Academy 4:30 PM  
8-Sept at Guardian Christian Academy 3:30 PM  
12-Sept at Steward School 4:30 PM  
15-Sept at The Carmel School 4:30 PM  
18-Sept Christchurch 4:30 PM  
19-Sept at Grace Christian Staunton 4:30 PM  
21- Sept Richmond Christian 12:00 PM  
26- Sept Grove Christian Academy 4:30 PM  
28-Sept Veritas School 4:30 PM  
3-Oct Banner Christian 4:30 PM  
5-Oct Williamsburg Christian Academy 6:00 PM  
19-Oct at New Covenant 5:00 PM  

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